Men mostly live, and love, in a world that  values and respects only a narrow version of masculinity… one that is emotionally shut- down, competitive and controlling.

4146133Maybe the anger, and even hatred, that some men seem to feel towards women comes from the pain of feeling stuck in a ‘man box’, unable to be their true full selves.

So any work we as men can do to liberate ourselves from this prison will bring us more joy, and will mean we can be more easily trusted and loved by women.

Women’s rightful demand for equality, and the freedom to be their authentic selves, is at the heart of feminism. Men need the same!  Instead of being a threat to each other in any way (from mutual fear and misunderstanding) men and women can become each other’s best allies in living authentically.

With less traditional ‘male’ jobs to be found, it’s harder for men to feel sure how to earn respect in our communities and families. Many of us are unsure what it even means to ‘be a man’ or whether we’re ‘man enough’.

And in a culture that makes it a taboo for men to show any kind of vulnerability, many of us have ambivalent feelings about intimacy, sex and love.

These insecurities are too often disguised with violence…against others and against ourselves. This has to change!

slide1FeMANism is about men supporting each other, and acting in solidarity with women to achieve what we all want:  equal rights and equal respect for everyone.

This site is a place to find ideas on how to  feel better and be better – lovers, friends and human beings.  Becoming courageous enough to experience and express our emotions; and helping create a fairer and safer world for everyone.

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Steve Garrett  (Cardiff, Wales)
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