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Everyday Sexism 28 May 2014 Comments Off on Everyday Sexism

This ‘Everyday Sexism’ video was a real eye opener for me. I sort of knew this kind of thing happened to women on the street etc., but didn’t realise how often, or what it must feel like to be on the receiving end. Or how ridiculous and insulting it is. I’m not sure that […]

Ban prostitution? Comments Off on Ban prostitution?

This programme features a former prostitute talking about why she thinks prostitution should be banned. It puts the lie to any ideas that being a ‘sex worker’ is just another freely chosen job in the hospitality business etcинтернет магазин для новорожденныхprofessional dutch translationноутбуки дешевомихаил безлепкин полиция

Blurred Lines Comments Off on Blurred Lines

Watched ‘Blurred Lines” on BBC2 ..documentary with Kirsty Walk “From bomb threats sent to campaigners for more females on banknotes to sexually explicit pop videos. From extreme laddism at universities to rape jokes in the school yard… Kirsty Wark explores whether there’s a new culture abroad in which it’s acceptable to write about, talk about, […]


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